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Nina Nesbitt is a maverick, a one-off, utterly idiosyncratic and totally unique. Or at least she would be if all the other girls doing this kind of music didn't exist. And all the boys: she's being touted as a female Ed Sheeran, and there is some of his sing-song style to her vocals and colloquial warmth to her lyrics with their references to coming in half-cut and screwing things up.


Nina, a half-Swedish, half-Scottish 17-year-old from Edinburgh who Britain's favourite ginger nut invited to support him in Glasgow and onstage for a duet at his Shepherd's Bush Empire gig. She also made a cameo appearance in his Drunk video, as opposed to a cameo in his video, drunk. Sober or otherwise she then enjoyed a further support slot with Example on his December 2011 tour after he heard her version of his track Stay Awake. These endorsements saw her YouTube views rise from 10,000 to 500,000.


On the other hand, a judge on a Saturday night prime-time BBC TV talent show might take one listen (not look, that's against the rules) to her and wax ecstatic about this stunning new singer-songwriter and her amazing, emotionally engulfing voice. They might not actually use the word "engulfing" but they will mean that. Then again, someone taking the middle ground might sensibly suggest that Nesbitt could have found a tiny slither of a gap in the market for her music, which has some of the attitude/verisimilitude of Kate Nash and some of the stark intensity of Laura Marling. Some.


Other things we know about Ms Nesbitt. She has been studying music at college and is addicted to apples. These are less crucial to an understanding of her than learning that she is about to collaborate with people who have written for artists such as Adele, Ellie Goulding, James Morrison and Mr Sheeran, although as she is keen to point out: "I do prefer to write material on my own but also find it very interesting to write with others." Why? Because "one can learn a lot about the processes they use and techniques to write those very successful and beautiful songs that many of them have had major hits with". One certainly can.


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